The City of Minneiska

Mississippi River Valley

We are on the county line between Wabasha & Winona on Highway 61.


 The Minneiska City Council unanimously gave preliminary approval to Chris Schultz’s request to open a gunsmith shop in his residence located at 208 Riverview Drive.

 A Public Hearing will be held on June 6, 2016 in the basement of St Mary’s Church located at 424 Bennett Ave starting at 7:00 PM.  Any resident who has concerns or questions regarding this Conditional Use Permit should attend this hearing.

 Any issues brought forward at this hearing will be considered before final approval of the Conditional Use Permit is granted by the City Council.

 Given under my hand this 2nd day of May, 2016.


David Pries, Clerk of the City of Minneiska




 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Boards of Appeal for the CITY OF MINNEISKA have been scheduled for the purpose of reviewing and correcting the assessment of said CITY OF MINNEISKA. Both meetings will be OPEN BOOK meetings since the City of Minneiska does not have anyone certified. 

 The Wabasha County meeting will be held from 9 AM till Noon, on Monday the 11th day of April, 2016, in the Wabasha County Assessor’s Office in the Wabasha County Courthouse at 625 Jefferson Ave in Wabasha. 

 The Winona County meeting will be held from 1 PM till 4 PM, on Thursday the 7th day of April, 2016, in the Winona County Assessor’s Office in the Winona County Government Center at 177 Main St in Winona.

 All persons considering themselves aggrieved by said assessment, or who wish to complain that the property of another is assessed too low, are hereby notified to appear at the appropriate said meeting and show cause of having such assessment corrected

 No complaint that another person is assessed too low will be acted upon until the person so assessed, or his/her agent, shall have been notified of such complaint.

 Given under my hand this 4th day of March, 2016.

 David Pries, Clerk of the City of Minneiska


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GPS Location:

N 44 deg. 11 ft. 34 in.

W 91 deg. 51 ft. 9 in.

705 ft above sea level.

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